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Siargao Island

I haven’t blogged in a while…and part of that is due to the fact that Dave and I were away on a remote tropical island in the Philippines with very limited internet access:) It was a much needed getaway and we had an AMAZING trip! We got to spend time with old friends and make new ones. We spent our days surfing, reading, eating amazing food, exploring the island(s) by motorbike and boat….and helping out on some local work projects! I’ll let the photos do the talking:)Siargao Island 2014_001We stayed at Jing’s Place…this awesome little local homestay on the island (Dave and a few of his friends stay there each year they go back and have become great friends with the family)Siargao Island 2014_002 One of the many stray puppies wandering the streetsSiargao Island 2014_003 Uriel & Andrea! Two absolutely adorable 4 year olds:)Siargao Island 2014_004 Siargao Island 2014_005 Siargao Island 2014_006Even kids on a remote tropical island know how to play iPhone games;)Siargao Island 2014_007 Siargao Island 2014_008 Hammock feet….Siargao Island 2014_009 One of the many gorgeous beaches:)DCIM100GOPRO Im SO glad I packed snorkel gear…and brought the Go Pro! Cant wait to post some videos:)DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO Riding the road to Pilar where we helped with some local building projects…Siargao Island 2014_013 Siargao Island 2014_014 Siargao Island 2014_015Some of the local kids came to hang out with us at the building site!Siargao Island 2014_017 Siargao Island 2014_018 The guys working on a church buildingSiargao Island 2014_019 Siargao Island 2014_020 The local ladies cooked up some amazing food for us!Siargao Island 2014_021 Siargao Island 2014_022 I loved this cute little girl! Look at her sweet little ‘wrong footed curtsey’ 😉Siargao Island 2014_023 Siargao Island 2014_024 The kids tried to teach me some of their fav games….All you need to play is 2 sticks and a pothole!Siargao Island 2014_025 Schools out!Siargao Island 2014_026 Lets just say watching me try to play the games was a little more than funny….Siargao Island 2014_027 LOVE this homemade scooter!:)Siargao Island 2014_028 Siargao Island 2014_029 Siargao Island 2014_030 This game was awesome! Kind of like ‘cats cradle’ for your whole body…Siargao Island 2014_031Siargao Island 2014_038Siargao Island 2014_041I gave it a go as well…Siargao Island 2014_040

Siargao Island 2014_032

Siargao Island 2014_033 Siargao Island 2014_034 And then there was the flipflop game!Siargao Island 2014_035 Siargao Island 2014_036 Siargao Island 2014_037 Siargao Island 2014_039 Siargao Island 2014_042 Siargao Island 2014_043 Siargao Island 2014_044 Siargao Island 2014_045 Lets just say the kids were WAY better at this game than we were:)Siargao Island 2014_046 Dave and I about to dive into some amazing natural rock poolsDCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO A few of the crew…DCIM100GOPRO Siargao Island 2014_050 The rice fields Siargao Island 2014_051 These are the boats the locals use to fish with…and take us from island to island:)Siargao Island 2014_052 Siargao Island 2014_054 General Luna (city beach!)Siargao Island 2014_055 The pier where the guys would meet the boat to go surfing each morning…Siargao Island 2014_056 Siargao Island 2014_057 Siargao Island 2014_058 Siargao Island 2014_059 Siargao Island 2014_060 Siargao Island 2014_061 Siargao Island 2014_062 Meghan and her refreshing coconut drink!:)Siargao Island 2014_063 General Luna! (the main town we were closest to)Siargao Island 2014_064 Jon and his beverage of choice:)Siargao Island 2014_065 Siargao Island 2014_066 Market Window…Siargao Island 2014_067 Siargao Island 2014_068 Siargao Island 2014_069 Loved this perfect little deserted island:)Siargao Island 2014_070 Siargao Island 2014_071 The boardwalk and karaoke bars…Siargao Island 2014_072 Siargao Island 2014_073 Siargao Island 2014_074 A typical day in General Luna…Siargao Island 2014_075Siargao Island 2014_077 Siargao Island 2014_076 Siargao Island 2014_078 These boys were SO sweet and loved it when they saw my camera;)Siargao Island 2014_079 Siargao Island 2014_080 Siargao Island 2014_081Siargao Island 2014_083 Siargao Island 2014_082 Siargao Island 2014_084 Siargao Island 2014_085 Siargao Island 2014_086 Siargao Island 2014_087 The boys riding tandem…;)Siargao Island 2014_088 Half way through our trip we had a few solid days of rain…when the sun finally peaked out, everyone had their clothes airing out all over the outside of their houses.Siargao Island 2014_089 A few boys in the streets of downtownSiargao Island 2014_090 Gas bar! (*note: this is NOT a refreshing red drink for sale)Siargao Island 2014_091 Siargao Island 2014_092 Siargao Island 2014_093 Chillin in the hammock!Siargao Island 2014_094 DCIM100GOPRO Me and dave! (and my sister Meghan;)DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO Dave and I all zinked up! (Go Pro Selfie;)DCIM100GOPRO A few underwater adventures:)DCIM100GOPRO Photobomb!DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO Water buffalos are a common work animal for the farmers in the Philippines. We would often see them working the rice fields or hanging out on the side of the road in the mud:)Siargao Island 2014_104 Siargao Island 2014_105 A few of us on a bike trip! (i didn’t make it into this photo;)Siargao Island 2014_106 Siargao Island 2014_107 Coconut Grove…If you look VERY closely,  you will see a girl walking a pig:)Siargao Island 2014_016Siargao Island 2014_108We took a boat trip to Suhoton CoveDCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROThe cove, accessible only during low tide is home to hundreds of stingless jellyfish…DCIM100GOPROAnd then we visited some amazing underwater caves!DCIM100GOPROOn the way back home our boat hit a whale shark (10 meter long shark) and we lost our propeller and drive shaft;) We drifted to a deserted coral island and put our anchor down. We waited for 3 hours while filipino ‘divers’ (men who hold their breath for 5 min or longer) dove down the 200m deep chanel looking for the boats missing pieces. We made use of our time stranded and snorkelled in some of the most amazing waters ever!DCIM100GOPROThey waved down a fisherman for help and eventually we loaded 15 people and a bunch of surfboards on to a boat very similar to this one and began our journey home. It took us 4 hours and we experienced MASSIVE ocean swells, cold, wet, a really really loud motor (we stuffed TP in our ears;) and darkness. The sun went down and the boat had no lights…Thank goodness for the 10 year old standing up front with the flashlight!:)DSC_8066Our home beach on the island!Siargao Island 2014_114EvangelSiargao Island 2014_115My gorgeous sister Meghan!Siargao Island 2014_116Enjoying a good book under a palm tree…;)Siargao Island 2014_117Siargao Island 2014_118Siargao Island 2014_119Last swim of the trip!Siargao Island 2014_120Evangel and Karen decided to join usSiargao Island 2014_121Siargao Island 2014_122Siargao Island 2014_123Siargao Island 2014_124Siargao Island 2014_125Siargao Island 2014_126Siargao Island 2014_127

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